Impact Statements

This year, the CFC celebrates its 60th anniversary. Since its inception, the CFC has raised more than $8.5 billion for charities and people in need. Curious to know how much of an impact your gift through the CFC could have? Select your cause area below to find out! Or click through to see the list all at once.

$25     Examines, vaccinates, and treats one rescue animal for fleas and worms.

$75     Trims the hooves of three working horses or donkeys.

$100   Funds the research, production, and distribution of one report on the impacts of wild animal trafficking.


$15     Covers the cost of a one-hour recording session for artists to sell their recorded music, generating revenue to strengthen their communities.

$50     Supplies one table of materials at a community art day.

$180   Enrolls one child in a three-day art camp, inspiring exploration and creativity.

$40     Improves farming standards with one hour of research on sustainable practices.

$50     Serves 150 nutritious meals at a school food pantry in the U.S. mid-South.

$500   Equips medical workers with 1,000 testing bands to detect early signs of malnutrition in children.

$20     Equips one woman in a refugee camp with a dignity kit of basic sanitation and hygiene supplies.

$60     Educates an entire classroom on the history of human rights.

$200   Sponsors one rescue boat to liberate children from slavery in the fishing industry.

$100   Provides 13 food vouchers to a family living in a refugee camp.

$200   Provides a baking class to one teen, providing future employment skills.

$200   Teaches a mother farming techniques, feeding her children, and increasing her income.

$25     Assists in the research to reduce water- and sanitation-related diseases.

$50     Trains one lab technician to safely handle and test specimens.

$240   Sponsors a lab scientist for one day of disease-specific research.

$20     Fills a child’s backpack with school supplies, helping a new student feel ready to learn.

$50     Provides books and supplies to a GED student.

$147   Equips one student with a bicycle, ensuring mobility to and from school.

$500   Stocks the shelves for a community’s early education book exchange program.

$29     Provides one military member serving overseas with a personal first aid kit.

$59     Films a deployed service member reading a bedtime story and sends it to their children.

$180   Helps a wounded veteran access their home by providing one ADA compliant door.


$50     Sponsors a child's participation in a summer leadership camp.

$150   Wraps warm, cozy blankets around 30 children displaced by conflict.

$150   Trains 10 pediatricians to identify the signs of child abuse and trauma.

$30     Trains 10 individuals to manage community risks and prepare for disasters.

$34     Shelters a family of six temporarily in the wake of disaster.

$250   Equips one first responder with a go-bag containing emergency response supplies.

$250    Equips a firefighter with a helmet designed to protect from falling debris, injury, and extreme heat.


$40     Purchases a full set of personal protective equipment for health workers.

$50     Restores sight for one cataract patient.

$125   Vaccinates a dozen patients against the flu.


$49     Shelters a homeless child for a week.

$80     Constructs a shelter for a refugee family.

$85     Furnishes one portable relief bed to those on the move or lacking a place to sleep.

$500   Covers one month of rent or partial rent for a family dealing with a medical crisis.


$25     Provides supplies for a day of interfaith youth service for a college campus.

$40     Gifts one audio device for a family to listen to religious texts in their native language.

$100   Serves a meal to 53 individuals at a faith-based center.

$20     Removes one pound of trash from the ocean.

$75     Offsets 1,000 pounds of carbon in the air.

$550   Sends one girl to a weeklong outdoor camp, fostering a love of the outdoors.

$25     Helps teach summer camp kids how to form positive relationships

$90     Covers the comprehensive treatment for one resident in addiction recovery.

$400   Supports a whole senior community with a month of wellness classes.

$50     Funds a daylong voter registration drive.

$150   Hosts a dance workshop for survivors of domestic abuse, boosting self-confidence through movement.

$300   Trains six court officials in sexual violence and women's rights laws.